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The Tabitha Living Story

  /  The Tabitha Living Story

Tabitha Living is no ordinary ethical trading company. The rich textiles and colours are a fusion of the warm earth of India and the cool fashion of Scandinavia. Though set far apart, both regions have a long history of folk art and craftsmanship and of designs handed down through the generations.

Tabitha Living is where tradition meets style, where fashion meets integrity.

But to discover the heart of Tabitha Living, you need to understand our name.

Tabitha is a woman in a story dating back nearly 2,000 years. Local widows are distraught when she becomes ill and dies. In their grief, the widows stand round the apostle St Peter in tears, showing him all the robes and garments she has made for them; St Peter brings her back to life and presents her to them again as a living human being.

Tabitha Living embodies the ethos of Tabitha herself and employs women fairly, to create beautiful products, lifting them out of poverty and a life of being forced to work in degrading conditions.

The name Tabitha (and the Greek translation, Dorcas) means ‘gazelle’ – an image used in our logo and in our products. The work empowers women for a life of freedom, like a strong gazelle running free, and enables them to realize their potential and bring transformation to their lives.